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Burn Your Fat With Fat Burning Furnace

Do you need a product that really works to burn fat fast? Do you want to use a program that puts your body into a high burning mode to blast fat away once and for all?

Trying to lose weight has got to be one of the most frustrating tasks in life. For many people, dieting is so difficult that it just feels pointless after a while. The problem is that most conventional and “fad” diets leave people dehydrated, deprived, and depressed.

Introducing the Fat Burning Furnace. The Fat Burning Furnace program offers a comprehensive and step-by-step weight loss guide when compared to other weight loss programs.The program for weight & fat loss not only explains why diets and fad exercise programs don’t work, but it also explains how refocus in efforts is needed in actually developing our body that “burns off” extra weight quickly by increasing our metabolism.

The Fat Burning Furnace is the creation of Rob Poulos, who himself lost around 42 pounds of body fat using techniques from his own system. So we know he’s teaching what has already worked for him, and not some theory he simply copied from others.

Fat Burning Furnace contains 5 secret truths that will contradict EVERYTHING you ever thought you knew about dieting and fitness!

Who Can Use The Fat Burning Furnace Program?

3.Men and women of all ages
4.Obese teenagers
5.Medical professionals
6.Friends and family members

Benefits of Fat Burning Furnace:

   1. Fat Burning Furnace doesn’t require extra cardio exercise or severe eating 

   2. Fat Burning Furnace requires very little time to show results.

   3. Fat Burning Furnace is very simple to understand and use right away.

   4. The approach that is outlined in the Fat Burning Furnace can be followed 
        for the rest of your lean and healthy life.

   5. It does not require you to buy a bunch of expensive supplements or pills.

   6. Does not need a lot of equipment or a gym to use the techniques outlined in
        the Fat Burning Furnace manual.

   7. The program is suitable to even vegeterians as well as those who are gluten 
        or lactose intolerant.

What will you get from Fat Burning Furnace Kit:

   1. The Step By Step Fat Burning Blueprint
   2. 12 months of email coaching
   3. Free updates for 1 full year
   4. The Fat Burning Furnace Ultimate Success Toolkit

The exercise routines and nutritional advice are very good and will work for you, if you implement them in your lifestyle. You also get an access to a metabolic rate calculator that will tell you your daily calorie requirement; they also have a support desk, so you can get your questions about the system answered by Rob and his team. 

What are you waiting for? Get your Fat Burning Furnace Program today and watch as these simple, quick and unique fat loss and fitness techniques start sculpting your NEW body.

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STE said...

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Alexander R Pruss said...

Two summers ago, I worked with a great gal from Hollywood, Rachel Nichols.
Rachel did some TT workouts while filming a movie up here in Toronto.

That's about it for me in terms of training Hollywood actors or
actresses in person, but recently I was asked, "Imagine you're
working with a major film star who has eight weeks to lose 30
pounds of fat and build some muscle in preparation for the lead
role in the latest Hollywood blockbuster. What do you do with them?"

Here's my answer...

I would have control over every single thing that they eat. That's
the biggest ticket to success here. No booze, no excess sugar, and
just giving them enough reward to stick with the program.

If this "star" is a typical overweight, sedentary individual, we'll have
no problem getting rid of 20 pounds of fat through nutrition.

As for exercise, we need to be consistent, and stick with our intensity
principles. We would do 3 hard workouts per week using strength
training followed by interval training with the program being centered
around basic movement patterns done with free weights.

Everything is done in supersets in the workout to get more done in
less time. For example, we might do a squat supersetted with a
pressing exercise. I also like to pair free weight exercises and
bodyweight exercises in supersets, for example, a dumbbell split
squat paired with a decline pushup.

We'll do 3 superset pairs, each for 1-3 sets, and stick to 8
repetitions per set. Then we'll finish the workout with 6 hard
intervals of 30-60 seconds (with 60-120 seconds rest between each).
This way, we are in and out of the gym in 45 minutes.

On "off days", we'd still get at least 30 minutes, if not 60
minutes, of low-intensity exercise. But it wouldn't just be slow
cardio. Instead, we'd focus on low-intensity bodyweight training.
For example, if the actor can do a maximum of 25 bodyweight squats,
15 pushups, and 5 chinups, we would use easier versions of those
exercises in circuits.

Here's a sample 6 exercise bodyweight circuit that we'd do at least
3 times, doing 10 reps per exercise.

Wall Squat
Kneeling Pushup
Beginner Inverted Bodyweight Row
Stability Ball Leg Curl
Mountain Climber

After that, we might cross train with a variety of cardio exercises
to avoid overuse injuries that occur when you repeatedly do the
same activity and nothing else.

So that's pretty much it. If he (or she) sticks to their nutrition,
we're as good as gold and the actor will be ready just in time.

Click here to start losing fat with Turbulence Training: ===> Drop 30 Pounds in 8 Weeks? <=====

Screw New Years, get started now,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer
Author, Turbulence Training

PS - Turbulence Training Beats Cardio for Fat Burning Effectiveness.

"Craig's workouts were fun and challenging - I didn't dread going to the
gym and I wasn't overly sore after our sessions. Much like my trainer in
LA, Craig's workouts were always different: the exercises, the supersets,
the weights...the combination of elements always varied and, therefore,
I never got bored or felt like I was in a workout rut. And my co-stars
couldn't believe how great my arms looked, thanks to Craig helping me
do my first chin-up. Thanks Craig!"
Rachel Nichols, actress

Click here to get Turbulence Training: ===> Fast fat loss workouts... <=====

"I have been in love with Turbulence Training ever since I started.
I am 6'3", 28/M and my starting weight/body fat% was 208 pounds and
18.4% body fat. After 22 weeks of TT, I am now down to 190 lbs and
10.8% body fat."
Nick Walters, New York, NY

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