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Protect the Eyes from Glasses or Contacts

The eyes are one of the most important of the five senses. We need them to see and enjoy the world around us. They allow us to read and get work done. They help remember images we once saw, and they keep our dreams alive at night. The eyes are also sensitive and vulnerable to outside damage. They are one of the few organs that are on the outside of the body, protected only by a thin layer of skin, the eyelids.

The sun is a powerful wonderful thing. The sun is great for your skin and gives us valuable Vitamin D. Each day find the time to spend at least an hour in the sun. The sun has great healing powers and the natural light is as important as food, water, and air. Never look directly at the sun; of course, it can burn the retinas. Wear some kind of protection like a visor or hat to protect the eyes

Televisions and computers are used in our daily lives but they are hard on the eyes. They force eyes to stare for too long and don’t offer the eyes enough movement. The distance and angle doesn’t ever change, so the eyes remain looking at a still object for too long. It is not always possible to avoid the television or computers, especially computers. Look away every so often and focus on things far away to give your eyes a chance to move and adjust. Try not to spend the entire day in front of the television or at least let your eyes wander during commercials.

Reading is never harmful for the eyes, but it helps to enjoy what you are reading. The eyes will be more relaxed when reading a novel than when reading a text book full of new information. Learning to relax no matter what the subject is the key to enjoying reading. Dim lights and small print may be problematic at first, but the eyes will adjust when relaxed. Reading in bed can be relaxing and reading while driving doesn’t have to make you sick. 

The eyes are sensitive organs, but learning to relax and keep them protected can ensure great vision for a long time.

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Healthy Eating Plan vs. Dieting-Which One Do You Like?

When it comes to losing weight and keeping it off, a healthy eating plan trumps dieting every time. Why? Because nutritious eating is a lifestyle change whereas dieting is short-lived. If you’re torn between going on a diet and following a healthy eating plan, here are some reasons to choose the latter.

A Healthy Eating Plan Helps You Learn About Nutrition
Losing weight is not just about looking good in a pair of jeans; it’s also about improving your overall health. Diets that suggest you drink only liquids or eliminate carbohydrates or fats are hogwash. Our bodies are fueled by the nutrients in the foods we eat. Any diet that requires you to eliminate some of the most important foods will ruin your health.

Poor nutritional health contributes to diabetes, heart disease, osteoporosis, cancer and other life altering health conditions. Most of the foods marketed by manufacturers as “healthy” aren’t healthy at all. Nope. Not even a little bit.

If you don’t know what to look for, it’s easy to believe that frozen dinners, nutritional shakes, snack bars and other processed foods are alright to eat. When you opt for a healthy eating plan instead of a “diet,” you learn to make every calorie count by choosing foods that give you the best nutritional bang for your efforts.

Diets are Restrictive, Time Consuming and Confusing
Measuring food, counting calories and reading labels are time-sucks you can do without. Healthy foods are low in calories so there’s no reason to measure (although you still need to eat sensibly), use charts or count calories. Seriously, who has time to do this stuff? I certainly don’t, and I’m guessing you don’t either.

This diet tells you to sip shakes all day. That diet tells you to do away with all fats. Another diet advises you to kick carbs to the curb. And finally, you’re roped into believing that eating frozen diet meals for the rest of your life is A-O-kay. Confusing, right? Unlike a traditional diet, there is nothing restrictive or perplexing about a healthy eating plan.

When you learn which foods are actually good for you, you can use them to create healthier versions of the foods you love. Take for instance the blueberry pancake recipe I sent out in one of my newsletters. Instead of using white flour or pancake mix, the recipe creator used rolled oats and a few other healthy ingredients.

Once you learn how make nutritious meals with the foods that make you weak in the knees, you will never feel restricted in what you can eat.

A Healthy Diet Produces Long-term Results
Most diets are considered “fad diets” for a reason. They don’t stick around because they are just not realistic for long-term use. I mean c’mon. How long do you think you’ll be able to adhere to a juice only diet? Even if you do manage to shed a few pounds, more often than not, you’ll gain the weight back.

We won’t even discuss the nutritional deficiencies you may face when you follow diets that prohibit (or severely limit) carbohydrates, fats, and other essential foods. Your health is your most precious asset. Protect it at all costs. Following a healthy eating plan is the best way to enjoy permanent weight loss results without sacrificing your health.

Let the Diet Solution Program teach you how to drown out the fad diet noise so you can feel confident in your ability to lose weight for good. A healthy eating plan doesn’t consist of a diet that tells you not to eat fruits and vegetables, find out why!

Improve your Vision - Natural Gateways

It has been said the eyes are the windows to the soul, but they also our windows to look out and observe the world. Eyes are important for seeing things, reading, working, and even communicating. The eyes are sensitive though, they work hard and they need time to rest and recover from the constant strain put on them. 

Did you know that we can cure poor eyesight just by changing a few bad habits? We are extremely hard on our eyes and taking to the time to practice relaxation exercising can help us see more clearly. Even if you have worn glasses for years or are prone to eye problems and eye disease, learning to take the strain and stress away from the eyes can cure all that. 
Strain and stress are the main factors affecting poor eyesight.  Everyone is born with relatively good eyesight. Throughout our school age years we are taught bad habits that cause our eyes to strain too much. Sitting in a classroom, constantly staring at a blackboard, books, or paper all day leaves our eyes tired and stressed. There is no time between classes or subjects to relax the eyes and give them a few moments of rest. These habits carry over to our adult lives and we do the same thing at work day in and day out.

The body gives out signals when it needs rest. If we spend too much time on household chores the backs starts to hurt and the arms get tired. These signals tell us to take a break, lie down, or just relax for few minutes. Likewise, they eyes can tell you when they need a break as well. The head may start hurting, the eyes start to burn a little, or a slight twitch may develop in one or both eyes. These are signs that the eyes need to rest. 

Resting the eyes is as simple as finding a quiet place, relaxing the mind, and closing the eyes so they can re-energize.  Bad eyesight doesn’t have to happen. We can take steps today to develop the habits that will increase our eyesight for the rest of our lives.

Why You’ll Never Lose Belly Flab by Counting Calories

If you’re counting calories to lose belly flab, stop the madness! Calorie counting is time consuming, depressing and completely unnecessary. Don’t get too excited though. Just because you don’t need to count calories, doesn’t give you a free pass to pig-out on pizza and French fries whenever you want. You still have to be mindful of what you eat.

Here’s the thing: when you eat a bunch of processed junk, not only are you loading up on toxins, you’re taking in way more calories than your body can use. What do you think happens to all of those extra calories? Bingo. They get stored in your body as fat.

Even if you exercise regularly, eating a bunch of nonsense foods will make it tough to create the kind of calorie deficit you need to get rid of the blubber around your midsection. If you really want to burn enough calories for killer abs, fill your diet with natural foods that contain protein, healthy fats and fiber.

When I say “natural foods,” I mean foods that have not been processed or filled with unhealthy additives. Natural foods are low in calories; if you stick to reasonable portion sizes during your meals and snacks, you won’t have to spend the rest of your existence keeping tabs on your caloric intake.

Healthy Sources of Dietary Fat
Dietary fat catches a lot of flack and is often accused of being the culprit of heart disease. This is absolutely not the case; fat is not the enemy. In fact, any good eating plan should include fat from quality sources like olive oil, fish oil, nuts, seeds, unrefined coconut oil, organic raw butter, avocados and natural grass-fed beef.

Healthy fats help with nutrient absorption and can improve the health of your heart. Also, fat helps you feel satiated. When you add it to your meals, you are less likely to overindulge.

Healthy Carbohydrate Sources
If most of the carbohydrates in your diet come from refined sources like white bread, pasta, baked goods, processed snacks and sugar, you can forget about losing stomach flab. These types of foods absorb quickly in the body and trigger the rapid release of insulin. When insulin is released too fast, it can give you the munchies shortly after you’ve already eaten.

The bulk of your carbohydrates should come from complex sources like vegetables, beans, legumes and fruits. These foods are rich in fiber so they digest slowly and keep you full much longer than refined carbs.

Healthy Sources of Protein
Protein triggers the release of a hormone called glucagon, which acts as an appetite suppressant. In fact, studies suggest that diets rich in protein can enhance fat loss when it is combined with the proper amounts of exercise. Eat nuts, legumes, grass-fed beef, free range poultry and organic eggs to get enough protein in your diet.

You don’t have to count calories to lose flab in your midsection. Simply dump the processed foods and replace them with natural foods that are rich in protein, healthy fat and complex carbohydrates. Of course, if you want consistent weight loss results, you have to exercise regularly.

Weight loss doesn’t have to be a lifelong struggle. The Diet Solution Program will get you on the right track and keep you there. Watch my video for a quick overview of how we can help you lose belly flab and stop counting calories.

Learn to Manage Stress for Better Vision

The biggest cause of eye problems is stress; whether internal or external. The eyes are full of small muscles that help move them around and lengthen or shorted the lenses. A life full of stress and strain on the eyes can cause some serious problems later in life. The best way to prevent future eye ailments is to learn to manage stress today.

The concept of managing stress is much easy to say then to do. While some people are pros at stress management; other people can only take a little bit before they start screaming and pulling out their hair. Stress happens each and every day so learning how to best deal with the stress is an important and necessary step.

The first step in managing stress is discovering what it is that is stressing you out. If you have no idea what is causing stress, it is really hard to find solutions to the problems. For almost every problem there is a solution. If you are always late, start setting the clocks ahead 10-15 minutes. If your to do list is overwhelming, cut out the things that are not top priority and deal with them at a later date. If traffic gets you going, take a new route to work that is less crowded.  

Work is almost always the number one stressor in people’s lives. Most people feel overwhelmed with the amount of work they always have, but never ask for help and always take on more. Learn to say no. Saying no isn’t going to get your fired; it tells your boss you are aware of your limits and you have just reached them. It is better to complete five amazing projects, then seven or eight mediocre ones. If the work load is too much, talk to your boss or co-workers and let them know you need help.

Simple relaxation techniques can help reduce the stress in your live. Take deep breaths. Close your eyes for a few moments and allow them to relax. Look around and away from the computer a three or four times an hour. Too much strain or stress on the eyes will only cause vision problems later. 

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Saturday, 21 July 2012

Need Calcium? A Dairy-Free Diet Can Deliver

Believe it or not, a dairy-free diet will do your body much better than one that contains milk.

From growth hormones, to antibiotics, to pasteurization, to homogenization – there are so many things wrong with the milk nowadays. I could go on for hours about the damage drinking milk can do to your health. This is why I advise people to stay away from the stuff.

The Truth About Dairy and Calcium
I know exactly what you’re thinking. “If I follow a dairy-free diet, how will I get enough calcium to keep my bones from crumbling out from under me?”

The answer is quite simple. Load your plate with veggies, and make your mamma proud by actually eating them. People think I’m nuts when I tell them veggies are a much better source of calcium than dairy. After all, the “big-wigs” who can afford multimillion dollar dairy campaigns say otherwise – and who am I to challenge them?

It’s like this: I’ve always given it to you straight, and I’m not about to hold back now. Contrary to what you were taught, milk does not hold the monopoly on calcium. I repeat. Milk does NOT hold the monopoly on calcium. In fact, milk is not even an adequate source of calcium.

By the time manufacturers finish pasteurizing, homogenizing, enriching, fluffing, stuffing and whatever else they do to prepare milk for the marketplace, a lot of the calcium is unusable by the body. This could be one of the reasons why osteoporosis is on the rise. I won’t even get started on the other ailments drinking milk can cause.

Veggies That Offer Calcium
Veggies that contain calcium are abundant – so there are bound to be some you can’t get enough of. All green leafy vegetables are rich in calcium. Some other veggies that contain this nutrient include cauliflower, green beans, onions, okra, chickpeas, black beans and avocados. This is just a short list. There are plenty of other calcium-rich vegetables out there.

Here’s a plus. Veggies are naturally low in calories. If you really want to see that fat fade into oblivion, replace the dairy in your diet with some of the veggies listed above. FYI, Acid-forming foods like soda, sugar, coffee and artificial sweeteners rob your body of calcium. Avoiding these foods will make more calcium available for your bones.

What About Organic Milk?
I don’t advocate drinking milk. However, if you have to have it, stick with “certified” organic. The standards for producing organic milk are more stringent than the rules for producing conventional milk. Organic farmers are required by law to raise their dairy cows using all natural methods. This makes organic milk a little better to drink (I didn’t say it was healthy).

The problem with organic milk is that it is processed the same way as conventional milk. This means, your body still won’t be able to digest a large portion of the calcium. However, when you opt for organic milk instead of regular milk, your liver won’t have to filter out the antibiotics and growth hormones used to raise conventional dairy cows.

Don’t spend another day in the dark about nutrition and watch this video to see why you can live a happy and healthy life with a dairy free diet. Let The Diet Solution Program arm you with the information you need for good health.

Eyesight Improvement - Keeping the Eyes Moving

A clear mind is always on the go. The mind is constantly working out solutions to problems and solving the issues of the day. A mind that is stressed or strain struggles to work properly. The mind can get overwhelmed and then freeze and become stagnate. Problems don’t get solved and issues continue to pile up. Likewise, the eyes need movement to work properly. When the eyes are relaxed, they are moving around and enjoying the world around them. When eyes are strained, they stare and vision worsens. 

The eyes love to stay busy, rapidly moving around and taking in the sights all around us. Eyes don’t like to stop moving and focus on only one item. When this happens, the eyes start to strain and concentrate and vision is not as accurate. Your eyes and brain work at a much more rapid pace then we give them credit for. When we are out in nature, the eyes are moving quickly from one tree or flower to the next. The only time they stop and stare is when your brain isn’t aware of what it is looking at. If you are looking at roses and then a unknown flower comes into focus, you will stop and stare until you realize it is a daisy and then move on.

Eyes never stop moving, unless we force them to. Even when we are asleep the eyes are moving around in the darkness. When the eyes are still for too long, they start to become damaged and lose the focus. Eye movement should always be smooth and flowing, never jerky or bouncing around. 

You can teach the eyes to move smoothly by tracing objects. The eyes don’t have to look from one item to the next in jerky movements. Try tracing around the edges of objects.  Look out the window allowing your eyes to outline cars, buildings, trees, and bushes. After a few times, the objects should start to get clearer and the color brighter. You can trace just about anything, couches, chairs, and the television. Do this exercise at least once a day to train the eyes to really look at things and not just stare.

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